Mascota Pets Dog Toothbrush/Cat Toothbrush 6 Finger Toothbrushes and 2 Long Handle Dual Headed Toothbrushes, Soft Bristle Pet Toothbrush Combo Pack for The Dental Care of Your Cat and Dog

$ 348.39
  • RATED #1 BY PET OWNERS: Mascota Pets Dog and Cat Toothbrushes value pack provide your pet with the highest standard in pet dental care. The pet finger toothbrush is designed for easy and quick cleaning, to help maintain optimum oral health for your pet. The long handled toothbrushes are each designed with a small and large brush and allows for easy reach cleaning in the deep areas of the mouth.
  • HEALTHY PET: Brushing your petâ€s teeth daily can prevent gum disease and tooth decay, and minimize the risk of tooth loss for your pet. Made from the highest quality materials, this cat and dog toothbrush set is designed with soft bristle brushes to ensure gentle brushing for the health, safety and comfort of your pet.
  • 10 BRUSH VALUE PACK: Mascota Pets dog / cat toothbrush designs allow for easy and safe brushing of your petâ€s teeth. More than 90% of pet owners polled agree that for general dog / cat teeth cleaning, the Finger Brush is both safer and more efficient than a standard toothbrush, allowing for a quick brushing of your petâ€s teeth and gums. The Long Handled Cat/ Dog Toothbrush is dual headed with 4 brushes and is more efficient to brush and clean in the far reaching corners of your pets mouth.
  • PET SAFETY: At Mascota Pets the safety of your pet is our priority. Our dog / cat finger and long handled toothbrushes are made from materials of the highest standard to insure comfort and safety of your pet.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We take pride in the quality of our OLIVIA & AIDEN Mascota Petâ€s cat / dog toothbrushes. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us for a replacement or a refund.

Descripción del producto

Did you know that with proper dog, cat and pet dental care you can reduce the risk of your pet developing oral disease? Removing plaque and tartar from your pet's teeth in those hard to reach places is very important, and proper brushing with a cat and dog toothbrush helps prevent gum disease which may increase the life of your pet. To maintain optimal health use the correct brush at the correct time. The unique design of our pet finger toothbrush features soft brush bristles and allows you to brush your pet's teeth and gums in an easy and gentle fashion. Our pet long handle toothbrush and its soft bristles helps you reach hard to clean areas without the risk of hurting your pet.

Mascota pet finger toothbrushes are made from the highest quality materials. Our soft bristle, pet, cat and dog toothbrush finger brush, makes cleaning your dog and cat's teeth and gums safe and easy. Our long handle toothbrush is designed at 8 œ inches long to help you reach deep inside you pets mouth in a soft and gentle way. As noted by customer reviews, the pets actually enjoy the softness of these dog toothbrushes and enable you to clean your dog and cat's teeth easily and efficiently without the risk of harming your pet.

At Mascota Pets we strive to bring our customers the greatest value for your dog / cat toothbrushes. The combo pack offers 10 brushes for the same price as 6.

Our pet toothbrushes were created by pet owners for pet owners. The dog and cat toothbrush value pack is made to be easy for the owner and safe for the pet, a win win situation!!

Dimensions: 8x2x1

Shipping Weight: 2.7 ounces

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